2017 Pan-African Robotics Competition
Inspiring Future African Engineers & Scientists
Imagine, Discover & Invent
Young Engineers/Scientists in the making
Pan-African Robotics Competition

PARC is an All-African Robotics competition for middle & high-school robotics teams to participate in Robotics & Project competitions.

TeckTal - Learn by doing

TeckTal is an online "STEM video lessons" portal which consists of a library of hands-on tutorials on subjects related to Engineering and Technology.

AZIBOt - A Robot kit for every African classroom

AZIBOt is an affordable, Arduino-based open-source, & 3D-printed complete Robot Kit entirely developed for STEM education in Africa.

Featured Courses

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Featured Video

Inside Senegal's tech revolution

Al-jazeerah reports STEM revolution and the 2016 Pan-African Robotics Competition in Senegal.

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