Our Projects

We are a leader on STEM education in Africa


Robotics Competition

The Pan African Robotics Competition (PARC) is an All African Robotics competition, which brings together middle, high school, and university robotics teams to participate in a competition around a challenge based on a real world topic relevant to science and the sustainable development of Africa.

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Dakar American University of Science & Technology

The Dakar American University of Science & Technology (DAUST), located in Senegal, provides instruction and research opportunities for undergraduates and graduates in fields of engineering and technology that are useful in developing technological solutions to address Africa’s societal needs and challenges.

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Djibouti Centre de leadership et de l’entrepreneuriat (CLE) I-Lab

CLE's I-Lab is a physical membership-based, open access, and DIY space with tools and machines for digital fabrication and collaboration. The primary goal of the I-Lab is to develop the skills needed across the Djiboutian community to use digital tools and related concepts creatively to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship.

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TeckTal VR and Mobile Learning

TeckTal Mobile and VR Learning platforms are developed by the World Bank in partnership with SenEcole to meet the increasing demand of effective quality education in developing countries. Certificates delivered through are backed and verifiable through the blockchain.

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Smart Connected Beehives

In Benin, honey, beeswax and propolis harvesting is the major activity of rural populations. The Smart Connected Beehives are prefabricated CNC plans equipped with solar-powered IoT system with a mobile interface that collects environmental data to predict the health of the hive. The hives also feature 3D printable easy and sanitary honey collection mechanism along an alarm system again thieves.


Sama Bon 3FPT

Sama Bon 3FPT is an intelligent cloud-based ERP system designed for Senegal's Ministry to Professional Education through its 3FPT program (Fonds de Financement de la Formation Professionnelle et Technique). The goal of the program is to contribute to the funding of pre-employment training for individual and group applicants through the granting of a Vocational Training Voucher.


Orange FabLab Solidaire

Objectif du FabLab Solidaire développé dans le cadre de l’Orange Digital Center (Dakar, Senegal): Servir les personnes en décrochage scolaire, les associations métiers féminines, les associations métiers Mécaniques, Menuiserie, les enfants dans le cadre du programme d'initiation à la technologie, les étudiants, les apprenants de Sonatel Academy, les personnes en reconversion, etc.

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